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The Quadrant Pub & Kitchen

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Snacks & Entrees

Parmesan Garlic Loaf with dips

Toasted cob loaf, served with hummus & basil pesto


Fries with Aioli


Vegetables Spring Rolls

with sweet chilli sauce


Fat Onion Rings

served with sriracha aioli


Salt and Pepper Calamari

served with bacon, cheese, sour cream and sweet chilli


Fully Loaded Wedges

Seasoned wedges with bacon, melted cheddar, sour cream and sweet chilli



All burgers include steak fries

Chicken & Bacon Burger

Grilled lemon garlic or crumbed parmesan chicken breast, bacon, melted cheese, tomato, slaw, aioli


Quinoa, feta & pumpkin Veggie Burger

A crispy pumpkin, quinoa and feta patty topped with melted cheese, beetroot hummus, slaw, tomato and fries


Beef, bacon & mushroom burger

grilled 200g prime beef patty made in-house, melted cheese, bacon, freshly made mushroom sauce, tomato, slaw


Quad Burger

200g grass-fed beef patty, cheese, sliced tomato and slaw on a toasted bun


Ostrich Burger

200g NZ raised ostrich mince, tomato, slaw with fruit chutney on a toasted bun


Lunch Mains

Light Grass-Fed Beef Sirloin

150g Beeg Sirloin cooked to your preference, served with roast veggies, a fried egg, steak fries & aioli


Grilled Lamb Lunch

200g Grilled Lamb Rump, served with roast veggies and pan fried polenta chips


Pork Belly Noddles

Crispy Pork Belly, sliced cabbage, julienne carrots, chilli and fresh herbs, served with pork jus and egg noodles


Fish & chips

200g catch of the day, crispy steak fries, fresh slaw, aioli & brown vinegar.


Fettuccine alfredo

with onions, garlic, bacon, fresh cream, parmesan & parsley


Beef nachos

Mexican style savoury mince with chilli beans, melted cheese and sour cream


Vege nachos

roasted seasonal veggies, napolitana sauce, chilli beans, melted cheese and sour cream


Lamb Shank with mash

Lamb Shank slow cooked in mulled red wine, served with winter vegetables, lamb jus and mashed potato.


Dinner Mains

Chicken Parmesean

200g Crumbed chicken breast topped with napolitana sauce and shaved parmesean served with mustard mash and slaw


Spiced Pork Belly

Pork Belly infused with aromatic spices, glazed with a dark pork jus served with mash, roast veggies or slaw


300g Grass-Fed Beef Sirloin

Served with winter roasted vegetables & steak fries. Choose between gravy, garlic butter, mushroom or pepper sauce


Hoisin fall-apart pork ribs

Glazed in pork jus, served with fries, herb slaw and aioli


Fettucine Alfredo

bacon, chopped onion, parmesan, cracked black pepper, cream and parsley with fettuccine.


Fish & chips

200g catch of the day, crispy steak fries, fresh slaw, aioli & brown vinegar.


Beef Nachos

Mexican style savoury mince with chilli beans, melted cheese and sour cream


Vege Nachos

roasted seasonal veggies, napolitana sauce, chilli beans, melted cheese and sour cream



All ingredients are fresh and locally sourced

Buffalo mozzarella cheese salad

NZ Buffalo Cheese tossed with roasted vegetables, rocket and basil pesto.


Lamb prosciutto Clevedon Buffalo Mozzerlla Salad

Locally cured lamb prosciutto, NZ buffalo cheese, roasted vegetables and rocket tossed in olive and flaky salt.


Grilled Lamb Salad

200g Grilled Lamb Rump, roasted vegetables, rocket, tossed in olive oil and flaky salt.


Caesar Salad

Cos lettuce, crispy bacon, shaved parmesan and garlic croutons tossed in aioli and topped with a soft poached egg.



Chocolate Brownie

Our famous in-house baked chocolate brownie, served with chocolate sauce & ice-cream.

Out Of Stock


Sticky Date Pudding

Classic date pudding, smothered in caramel sauce, served with vanilla ice cream


Apple Crumble

Green Apples stewed in pale ale and cinnamon, baked underneath a buttery oat crumble. Served with Caramel Swirl Ice Cream



Mac's Lemonade & Rhubarb


Mac's Feijoa, Pear & Elderflower


Mac's Mandarin, Lime & Bitters


Mac's Ginger Beer


Hopt Watermelon & Mint




Coke Zero





Hamilton Famous wings

10 of our famous wings served with aioli or blue cheese sauce and carrot & celery sticks


Double Bubble

Enjoy an entrée, a dessert, 2 mains and 2 drinks for dinner tonight

Double Bubble Combo



Quad Platter

garlic bread, chicken wings, fish goujons, calamari, onion rings, samosas, springrolls, fries, dips and celery & carrot battons


Meat Lovers Platter

pork ribs, chicken wings, sirloin steak, meatballs, onion rings, garlic bread, fries and dips


Garden Place Platter

fresh veg rainbow rolls, springrolls, samosas, onion rings, pumpkin and feta sliders, celery and carrot batons with hummus olives and edamame beans


Slider Platter

2 of each slider: crumbed chicken, beef, pork and veggie sliders served with fries & tomato sauce



2x Sliders & Chips

Choose any 1 of our 4 sliders flavours. Served with fries and tomato sauce


Ribs & Wings Combo

Enjoy 1kg of our famous Chicken Wings, 800g Rack of Hoison Ribs, Fries and Onion rings

Ribs & Wigs Combo




Opening Hours

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Sunday12:00 pm - 08:45 pm
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